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When you are investing money into your health, you want to make sure it is money well spent. The most important consideration is what will give you the best results that will benefit your health the most.

If you are going to buy an air cleaner, you want to follow these same considerations as you look to put money into the new appliance. When you have done your research and learned what you can about air purifiers, you may decide on an ionic model.

Many people prefer ionizer purifiers because they are quiet and there is no filter to clean. Some models contain no moving parts and they have a nice tower shape that doesn’t take up much room and looks nice sitting in the background.

If you do decide to opt for an air ionizer purifier, you should ask yourself which is the best ionic air purifier? Actually, you may not be the best educated on the subject, so it’s probably best to ask someone else!

The Internet is replete with reviews on every product available to man. Air purifiers are no exception. Doing a little research and looking into the opinions of consumers who have used certain products can give you a good idea of what you can expect from a product, besides just what is printed on the nice package.

Some purifiers use ionizing alone to capture and remove unwanted particles from the air, while others combine this technology with other forms of purification. For example, the Blueair 402 air purifier uses both the HEPA filter technology as well as the ionizing, resulting in a double duty filter.

Of course each type of air cleaner has its merits. The HEPA filter model is able to filter air more quickly, and because of the use of fans can clean air in a larger area. However, this type of purifier is also more noisy and heavier.

To get the best idea of what the difference is between different types of purifiers as well as the differences between brands and models within each category is to read reviews posted online, written by customers. They will often have experience with different types of purifiers and can give insight into comparisons between them. Also, if you read that a certain model has a problem on more than one or two reviews, you can assume that you might end up with the same problem, were you to purchase that model.

When looking for the best ionic air purifier don’t simply trust what the company says. Yes, the specifications are important, but you will get the most trustworthy information from consumer reviews. However, be sure to read a good number of them so you can get a broad and fair picture.


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Muji's New Air Purifier Is Like A Jet Engine For Your Sinuses
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European Union diplomats in Delhi to install air purifiers at home, office (press release) (blog)
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Philips investing to build market for air purifiers
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